Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wir fahren an die Ostsee

The formation of the DLRG (Deutsch Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft) or German live saving association transpired in Leipzig in October 1913. The associations establishment was a direct result of a tragic accident which occurred where this sketch was done, in Binz on the island of Rügen on the Baltic sea coast. In July 1912, 17 people drowned here, 7 of these merely children, when a ship accidentally ran into and destroyed part of the 560 meter long pier.

Die Grundung der Deutsch Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft hat sich  in Leipzig in Oktober 1913 abgespielt. Es war aufgrund einem Ungluck im Binz auf der Insel Rügen wo ich habe diese Skizze gezeichnet. Im Juli 1912, ertränken 17 menschen hier, 7 davon nur kinder als ein Dampfer hat die damaligen 560 Meter Seebrücke versturzt.

There is a memorial where the pier meets the strand in memory of those who drowned. Es gibt ein denkmal in die nähe von den unglucks stelle 

The view out of the window of a restaurant built on the pier in a town east of Binz called Sellin was particulary striking but may come across in this sketch as potentially a muraled backdrop.

Der Ausblick von das Fenster in das Restaurant in Sellin sieht irgendwie wie ein Wandmalerei in diesen Skizze aus.

The journey through the the flat northern plains of Germany afforded great opportunity to get a decent study done.
Der Riese durch die flach nördlich Landschaft bietet tollen skizze Möglichkeiten an. 


Maike Bohlen said...

Please let me express my admiration! I like your sketches but i absolutely adore the way you are describing things. The (great) flat plains of northern Germany? *giggle* I live here but i never saw it that way, please continue to tell me about my world in your eyes =)
And i like the pastel color scheme, by the way. Suits the theme extremely well, as our summers always lack the color.

Conor Coady said...

Thank you very much Maike, it is great to come to and discover these things with what feels like a childs eyes, my wife is from Insel Rügen and we´ve spent the last good number of summers and winters taking holidays there, but I´m always amazed to see the landscape open up in Mecklenburg Vorpommen it´s not dissimilar to the midlands of Ireland where the eye can travel for miles into the distance in every direction,

Maike Bohlen said...

The way you see things is hopefully an endless source of joy to your wife =) It is flattering for Rügen to be compared to Ireland. Though the ground might be too sandy.

jen said...

The great flat plains does sounds a bit more exotic than Norddeutsche Tiefebene! Tolle Zeichnungen.

Conor Coady said...

danke Jen