Friday, April 11, 2014

Turbine testing

A recent invitation from Thomas Lensky brought me to the AneCom turbine testing facilitity in Wildau Berlin. Upon arrival we were given a guided tour of the facility by Thomas's son Sven who works there, the place is fantastic for drawing, it has the feel of stepping on to the set of a Ridley Scott science fiction movie with it's unending maze of wires, buttons, chambers, tubes, calibrators pistons and pumps. The sketch above was done with the same felt tip markers which I think Florian may have used for his last post. It shows what the  company refer to as the Obelix and Asterix. Obelix being the Blue monster to the left and asterix the more polished steel encasement for the turbine on the right. Thanks Thomas and Sven for the opportunity to see this great place.


  1. Marker sind auch immer wieder toll. Wenn man damit umgehen kann, natürlich. I like the stories you tell about your sketches. Nice one.

  2. Herzlichen dank Maike, es ist immer noch ein streit mit markers als alles bleibt so permanent, kein radier gummi oder über wasche möglichkeiten,trozdem die mach mir gerade spass