Friday, August 23, 2013

With Eduardo Bajzek in Cologne

After the Barcelona Symposium, Eduardo Bajzek from Sao Paulo passed by Cologne, so Arno and I, we had the idea to spend a day sketching together.

We met in front of the cathedral and because Eduardo already sketched it in the morning, we left the place and took a walk around the city centre. As we were all architects, we had to go to Peter Zumthor's Kolumba museum. Here's Eduardo's, Arno's and my drawing of it:

Eduardo carried his brown Staedtler felt-tip during his day in Cologne.

Köln Kolumba
Have a look at Arno's fantastic handling on volumes.

I tried to draw it the technique I learnt from Eduardo's workshop in Barcelona: straight to masses, only with markers.

We walked to one of Cologne's remaining city gates, the Hahnentor.

Köln Hahnentor Rudolfplatz

The last drawing we did was by the river Rhine, drawing the old romanesque church Great St. Martin.

Köln Rheinufer Groß St. Martin

Groß St. Martin

Eduardo and me at work:
Flo Eduardo Köln

I have also done a litte video documentation of the day:
It was an amazingly intense day and ended up in a typical Cologne Restaurant with some beers! Thanks Eduardo for passing by!

by Florian Afflerbach