Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Exploring Valencia

I had the opportunity to have a few days in Valencia, staying in Cullera, a coastal town in the region, and making trips into the city. The weather was warm, sometimes too warm (which always makes me draw faster to get out of the sun). For me, capturing the experience of a place is so varied- sometimes in the detail of passing people, a sneak study of an interesting face, or a detail on a building or plant.  Here are some of the drawings, in no particular order, showing some of what caught my eye.

My materials vary, my default being Dip Pen and Indian Ink (Winsor Newton). Indian ink is waterproof, and the dip pen gives a wonderful variety of marks that gives a drawing a sense of depth, depending on the amount of pressure put on the nib. One is able to then add washes (ink or watercolour) without the line bleeding. (Though that can also be manipulated to create great tones)

Study of detail on a church wall using indian ink and dip pen with Lamp Black watercolour wash.

The above drawings were made pretty fast as they involved people who were moving, or I was in a rush. I usually find this a good way to draw because it gives no time to be fussy. 

 Valencia was full of ornate buildings which were too overwhelming to try and capture. This time I wanted to try out a new sepia watercolour and concentrate on tonal values, which was fun. All in all, a beautiful city I would be happy to visit again. If only for the Paella.